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This past Winter and Spring of 2021, we asked high school teachers across the country to try out an early SmartResponse version.  Here are just a few comments we received...

"I think this program would be a welcome addition to educational staff training. I also think this training would be valuable to parents and friends for people who have suffered a concussion, because they would be informed on what someone is going through and learn good examples of accommodations needed."

"For educators who are not well versed in concussions, especially long term effects, this is very useful."

"SmartResponse can be a very useful tool in secondary and post-secondary schools to inform and train faculty about the dangers of concussions, what to look for and how to proceed with injured students as well as other support staff within an educational setting."


Thanks To All!

We sincerely thank all the teacher participants in the SmartResponse alpha test.  We hope you will follow our progress as we move towards the beta test phase over the coming months. 

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