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SmartResponse 101

SmartResponse™ is the first concussion training to harness the power of serious gaming to meet the urgent social need of better preparing teachers to supporting the millions of students that experience concussion each year and seek to "Return To Learn."  We have applied major technological advances from $159 billion gaming entertainment industry to meet the urgent social need for better training tools.  The result is increased engagement, effectiveness and fun!

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More effective Learning... and Fun!

Science shows that serious gaming can generate intrinsic motivation, increase engagement, and can yield more effective learning outcomes.  Our trials with real teachers in real schools show that teachers were excited about SmartResponse because it represents a new approach to training which they enjoyed.

Real Life for Teachers

Millions of students are concussed annually, but with COVID and mandatory training for safety and many other areas, how are teachers supposed to find the time and motivation to master "Return To Learn" from concussion competencies for their students?  Teachers are unenthusiastic when asked to watch another boring training video of `talking heads` and clumsy graphics.

We designed SmartResponse for busy teachers  using serious gaming technologies for a time-efficient and enjoyable training experience.

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