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The Challenges for Educators

Concussions Happen!

CDC reports that over two million student concussions occur every year.  The media have lead the public to associate concussion mostly with football, but concussions happen in all sports (girl's soccer has the highest rate of increase).

In fact, most concussions occur off the athletic field in everyday life and recreation events.


The good news is that 90% of concussed students can fully recover within a month, if  they receive the support they need.  To best support students during the critical recovery phase, teachers, staff and administrators must have "Return To Learn" competencies for the school day.


Supporting Students & Teachers

Schools and colleges have deep social, moral, legal and financial obligations to support their students in the best way possible during concussion recovery.  Public and governmental concerns about student concussion remains high - even during COVID - and the challenges for educators will continue to mount.  Teachers want time-efficient modern tools that work with their life and time constraints.

We designed SmartResponse to meet these needs.

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