Welcome to this week’s installment of On The Mind Weekly. This week we’re bringing you a story about mobile baseline concussion testing in Georgia, a piece discussing a possible link between traumatic brain injury and repeated incarceration being investigated in Denver, and an article about continued CTE research.

Gwinnett Daily Post – Gwinnett Medical Center offers concussion baseline testing to young athletes

The Gwinnett Medical Center in Gwinnett, Georgia uses a mobile platform called the Care-A-Van to conduct concussion baseline testing for local youth athletics teams. Getting baseline measurements using the ImPACT test can facilitate concussion recognition and diagnosis later on, with the process fitting into the requirements of Georga’s Return to Play Law.


U.S. News – Traumatic Brain Injury and Incarceration: Ending a Vicious Cycle

53% of inmates screened as part of a project in Denver had suffered at least one traumatic brain injury in the past. Compared to 8% of the general population, that number seems quite high. There isn’t a single obvious conclusion to draw from this correlation, at least not yet, but there could be a link.


USA Today – Researchers close in on CTE diagnosis in living, one brain at a time

CTE research is traditionally performed on dead brains, though VA Boston Healthcare System chief neuropathologist Ann McKee hopes to one day be able to diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy in living patients. This would allow for treatments and therapies to be tested for effectiveness, and could lead eventually to effective long-term solutions to combat CTE.


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