Welcome to On The Mind Weekly. This week, we’ll be talking about concussion frequency for high schoolers and misconceptions about concussion treatment.

The Washington Post – The Big Number: 2.5 million teens report having had a concussion in one year

According to a CDC report, 15% of student athletes surveyed experienced a concussion in the 2016-2017 athletic year. Most only reported one, but some reported experiencing four or more concussions within a 12-month period. In 40% of cases, the interviewed students said that their coaches were not aware of any concussion symptoms.


Sports Illustrated – How NFL Players, like Ben Roethlisberger, Should Actively Treat Concussion Symptoms

There is a somewhat common misconception that the only way to treat a concussion is to rest. In reality, exercise and physical activity can be very helpful in treating a concussion, though concussions are too complex of an issue to demand only a single linear course of treatment. Concussions can vary in symptoms and effects, and it’s important to utilize treatment methods appropriate to the individual injury in question.


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