Welcome to this week’s installment of On The Mind Weekly. This week, we’ll be talking about a program in Miami attempting to reduce the rate of concussions in high school athletics, as well as a new concussion-focused insurance program for student athletes in Iowa.

Miami Herald – Concussions are widespread among high-school athletes. This program wants to change that.

At the beginning of August, the University of Miami hosted a workshop intended to teach the people running local youth athletic programs how to properly handle concussions. Because the high-pressure world of student athletics can create pressure for athletes to ignore injuries, it’s important for coaches and parents to be able to recognize a concussion, and even more important for coaches and parents to know the appropriate steps to take.


Des Moines Register – Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa Farm Bureau to provide concussion insurance

The Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Farm Bureau recently unveiled HeadStrong, an insurance program meant to help Iowa student athletes to handle the high possible costs of concussion treatment. Iowa is now the seventh state to offer a program like this.


We Are Iowa – Why no concussion insurance for Iowa girls athletes? 

While HeadStrong is definitely an important development, the program may not be perfect. Because the Iowa High School Athletic Association deals primarily with boys’ sports, most female student athletes in Iowa are currently not eligible to receive benefits from the HeadStrong program.


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